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We have a selection of PA hire packages available for audiences of up to 1000 guests. Whether you’re looking for an audio solution for adding gravity for those that speak in public to powerful sound systems and mixers you can control from on stage please ask – we can provide.

Details such as cabling, speaker management and amplification are all covered so whether you’re wanting to show your very best in a live performance or need a solution for both speeches and dance music for an event, you will get all you need for exceptional results. If you are not sure, please talk to us about your intended use for guidance.

Our Sound Systems

High Definition System 1 to 300 people - £250

The best in innovative British engineering and design from Flare Audio. Our High Definition package offers breathtaking clarity in a professional audio system.

With a frequency range beyond human hearing and total neutrality there is no better way to reinforce your sound.

Our customers appreciate audio quality and have high-end systems in their own homes – we are no different and can attest that this retains that quality and kicks it into the next county. This system can stun and impress with rock and dance as readily as it can perform with the grace and delicacy of the finest ballet, the lightest touch of woodwind. Using our supplied top-notch amplification, it will reproduce your performance exactly with a focused and directional sound field that can dramatically reduce noise pollution from music events.

Total control and total neutrality there is no better way to reinforce your sound for audiences from 300 down to maybe just one or two if you fancy listening to Peer Gynt as it should be heard (something we may have tested on a few occasions.)

Hire rate includes delivery up to 10 miles, and as a minimum a small high quality mixer and all essential cabling.

Inclusive Pricing

We don’t like to charge more than we need to. The prices shown are for all you need to get sound from your source, including a small mixer that will accept USB/iPod/laptop/a couple of microphones. We don’t want to charge you for every cable used. There are no hidden extras, just VAT where applicable.

If you would like us to stay, make sure things sound their best and look after the equipment we can for £120 (and no deposit payable) or we can deliver and help set up from £25 with a deposit against any damages while in your care.


We offer a range of stage and disco lighting, including professional level controlled setups for those looking to create a truly memorable event. We can also provide automated systems with a pre-programmed controller for easy use. Get a better look to match your better sound – just tell us what you’re looking for and we will do our best to excite.

Up to 100 guests - High Fidelity System - £95

Small is beautiful, and we love this little system. It’s ultra-portable, and will fit in any vehicle.

This package is particularly suited to events where visibility of the sound reinforcement should be minimal yet still powerful enough to get things pumping on a dance-floor, or rocking a pub gig. You may not believe the sound that comes out of such tiny cabinets.

Delivery up to 10 miles and basic setup available from only £25

Up to 300 guests - High Fidelity System - £150

For mid sized private parties and live bands the Medium system provides the power you need in a tidy setup that belies it’s size.

High quality drivers and integrated amplifcation all independently highly rated adds up to a seriously impressive performance that shames the equivalent mass market solutions.

Delivery up to 10 miles and basic setup available from only £35

Up to 750 guests - High Fidelity System - £300

For large parties and live bands this is where it starts to get really serious. Using four 18″ GS18 subs and multiple V20 mid-high units this 7kW system can move some serious air – coaxial tops ensure maximum vocal clarity even in smaller venues while the extremely solid subs can drive a punishing bassline all night long.

Delivery up to 10 miles and basic setup available from only £50

Up to 1000 guests - High Fidelity System - £450

Refined through decades of experience this beast combines poise and power conveying all the excitement you expect from a live performance with immense musicality and wide, even coverage. While undeniably large their matching shape keeps them discrete for how well they perform with all kinds of music capturing the gentle and soft moments of magic with delicacy just as well as they can pound and slam when required – this setup puts a huge smile on our faces.

From a small festival stage to a rave to be remembered this system comprising the legendary RS5 from Shermann Audio and six GS18 subs is sure to impress.

Delivery up to 10 miles and basic setup available from only £65.

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