Terms & Conditions

  1. Equipment Ownership & Legality
    For the avoidance of doubt, all hired items remain the property of Higher Audio Ltd. No modification, export or any form of sub hire is allowed without direct written consent. The equipment does not travel outside of the UK for insurance reasons.
  2. Hire Periods
    The period of hire will be defined by the contract of hire. The dates and times stated therein shall be adhered to, and the equipment on hire ready for collection or returned at the end of the stated period. We reserve the right to charge further for any late returns, either to the amount of the overdue period or losses incurred in other hires being cancelled, to the full value of those bookings.
  3. Identification and Deposit
    1. We request identification for any dry hire. The Hiree should provide two valid, current forms. One with a photo (passport or driver’s license) and one with a address (recent utility bill/bank statement). We may not require this for repeat business, or certain businesses.
    2. We require a deposit proportional to the value of the goods to be hired. This will be stated in the contact of hire. We reserve the right to increase this to the full retail list value of the goods at our discretion.

    We regret we are unable to dry hire without these terms being fulfilled.

  4. Cancellation
    We request any cancellation/adjustment of hire arrangements be made a soon as possible. Where possible we will not charge for any cancellation received two weeks (14 days) before the commencement of hire. There after we reserve the right to take the full value of the booking.
    If we have to cancel in the same period, our liability will be limited to the value of an equivalent alternative hire.
    We will not be liable for any failure to supply a product or service where that failure is wholly caused by an event beyond our control that we could not reasonably anticipate or prevent
    This may include (but is not limited to) acts of war, terrorism, extreme weather conditions, or natural disasters. Where any public authority advises that only essential journeys should be undertaken, any product or service we supply shall not be considered essential.
  5. Payment
    Hire fees for equipment including deposits must be paid in full at or before the time any equipment is received by the hirer by ‘faster payment’/bank transfer. Regular clients may have different terms, refer to your invoice.
  6. Insurance
    We request that insurance is in place for the full value of the goods on hire, if they are to leave our care [dry hire]. We will state the value of the goods on hire for insurance purposes on the hire contract.
  7. Condition of equipment
    We check the condition and operation of all equipment before it leaves us. The equipment will be provided in full working order, as detailed on the hire sheet and in good physical condition. On accepting delivery, you agree that it is in good condition and fully operational. Any discrepancies or faults must be reported within 2 hours of receipt of the equipment hired by calling us on 01483 338008.
    You will need to speak to us and explain what the fault is. Emails and text messages are not accepted when reporting a fault. We reserve the right to substitute your hire item(s) & provide you with a like-for-like exchange or refund.
  8. Use of equipment
    It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure equipment is suitable for the purpose intended, and is used safely and legally. Anyone appointed to operate or supervise equipment must be competent to do so. Equipment may only be used as it was designed to. Any misuse of equipment entitles us to its immediate recovery without notice or penalty, and may result in further action by us if it has been tampered with or damaged. Any instruction to reduce volume or switch off equipment given by an authority (i.e. police or local council representative) must be followed immediately and maintained. The hirer will be liable for any consequential losses due as a result of failing to observe such instructions given by appointed authorities.
  9. Service and repair
    No service or repair is to be attempted with the exception for serviceable fuses and lamps. User-replaceable parts (fuses or lamps) may be replaced with manufacturer specified parts. The removal of panels or panel screws invalidates manufacturer’s warranty, and the hirer is liable for the full cost of replacing equipment where evidence of such is found.
  10. Lost or damaged equipment
    The hirer is liable to us for the whole costs of replacement and any consequential losses, due as a result of damage, theft or loss that occurs during the period of hire (including that resulting from any third party’s use of our equipment). All prepaid deposits will also be forfeited. If no deposit has been made you are agreeing and giving us the full entitled right to debit/charge any debit or credit card which has been used to make payment upon hire. Where hired equipment is returned damaged/faulty or broken in any way we reserve the right to charge debit or credit cards up to 14 days after the date of hire to give time to eliminate whether it was due to malfunction of the equipment or misuse by the hirer.
  11. Equipment failure
    We cannot accept liability for any direct or consequential losses arising from equipment failure which is beyond our control.
  12. Electricity supply
    Portable electricity generators of any sort must not be used to supply electrical power to any item of our equipment without our express permission. They are known to cause damage to amplifiers particularly. The unauthorized use of any generator entitles us to its immediate recovery without notice or penalty, and will result in further action by us if damage is caused due to the use of a generator that has provided an inadequate power supply. All of our hire equipment needs a 240VAC / 50Hz supply to a tolerance or +5%.

PLEASE NOTE: When making payment you are agreeing and entering into this contract, you also agree to comply with all of our terms set out above. We do not require your signature only payment but you may be asked to sign a copy if you are collecting the equipment from us. If you are unsure about any of the above or have any questions, please contact us before making any payments.
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