About Us

Who are you and why are you doing this?

We are two friends who share a love of good music – and that has led to an obsession with good sound. We don’t think we’re alone in caring more about the quality than sheer volume.

We’ve sat in front of a live orchestra and felt the slap of a sudden crescendo, we’ve gasped at how an electric guitar can rip and tear through the air and we’ve danced helplessly at tribal rhythms but away from the big music venues, clubs and festivals – let alone intimate acoustic real life – the quality plummets.

We’ve all had our ears beaten by booming overblown pub band systems, we’ve all cringed at speeches that have sounded like Daleks and we’ve all laughed at tinny party discos.

Some don’t mind and that’s fair enough we’re not here to try and take over the hire scene, but if it does bother you then talk to us – there is another way.

Our systems are top-notch at their price point – this is a labour of love and our goal is to empower local talent and events rather than squeezing for profit – let’s make some music and make some people dance.

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