Privacy Policy

We know our clients care about their privacy and their personal data and we hope these details will reassure you that we take this responsibility seriously. We will only use your personal data to serve you as a customer in providing our services. We will never sell your data or pass it onto third parties other than as required for banking services.

Personal Information: By this we mean any information which can be related to you and used to identify you – for example your address or bank account.

We will collect some Personal Information when you contact us via our website, mail, email or telephone as part of your enquiry details.
This will be used in the process of producing quotes, invoices, providing services, handing deposits and fraud prevention.

How to let us know if you wish to exercise your rights to amend or delete your Personal Information: Simply contact us by any means and let us know – we only hold the data to help us serve you so it’s very much your choice whether we keep your details once any contracts have been completed.

We do not anticipate changing this policy. We have no intention of dealing with third parties to analyse or exploit our customer data in any way.

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