Discrete and stylish sound to match your perfect day

You’ve planned your dream wedding – the flowers are arranged and place settings all done. You want to know the speeches will be heard by all, the band will play without a hitch and the party at the end will go off with a bang – but if you hire the wrong sound system it could spoil the impression you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We provide wonderful clear and powerful sounding PA systems in surprisingly small boxes – handpicked for their audio quality and discrete appearance they will in no way interrupt your wedding, merely add to it with a warmth and presence that can replicate a string quartet as clearly as speeches or the favourite tune that will be your first dance.

Discrete, elegant,


feel the music

We chose our systems for their powerful musical sound and their tasteful looks.  Keep attention on your acts not shouty sound reinforcement detracting from the effort you’ve made getting your event looking great. You can find out more about our thinking here.

Our Hire Process

We aim to make the process of hiring quality PA the simplest aspect of your event organisation. Our systems are divided into two classes – for those wanting the pinnacle of what can be achieved with sound reinforcement we have our Hi-Definition system, while the Hi-Fidelity options are as musical but more forgiving.

Simply choose your audience size from our Audio Hire page and tell us about any performance kit or lighting you wish to add – details such as cabling, speaker management and amplification are all covered. We can provide the tools you need so whether you’re wanting to show your very best in a live performance or have both speeches and dance music for an event you will get exceptional results.

We offer standard delivery and setup from just £25 within 10 miles of our base in Guildford, Surrey. If your event is based further away just contact us for a quote – we can also provide sound and light engineers to ensure the show runs smoothly all night.

High Definition Systems

Incorporating the best in innovative British engineering and design our High Definition packages offering breathtaking clarity in a PA system.

With a frequency range beyond human hearing and total neutrality there is no better way to reinforce your sound.

Performance Kit

Quality output deserves a quality signal – tour grade Shure, Sennheiser, Electrovoice, BeyerDynamic, Radial and Audix inputs through Allen & Heath or SoundCraft digital and analogue mixers with VanDamme cabling throughout. Your audience won’t miss a beat or a breath.

High Fidelity systems

A combination of no-nonsense British design and very high quality European speaker parts our High Fidelity packages are a more economical option without sacrificing any musicality.

With excellent tonal balance and properly braced hand built all timber cabinets these sound embarrasingly better than the typical plastic mass market boxes.


We offer a range of stage and disco lighting including professional level controlled setups to amaze and impress for those looking to create a truly memorable event. We can also provide automated systems with a pre-programmed controller for easy use. Get a better look to match your better sound – just tell us what you’re looking for and we will do our best to excite.

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