Equipment list

Looking for a specific audio solution? Here we keep a list of all the equipment we hold that can be hired individually – though typically provided in packages if you need something unusual we might have the answer here.


Audix OM3 £7
Audix DP-5a Pro 5 piece drum mike kit £30
Audix DP-5a Pro 7 piece drum mike kit £50
Electro-Voice N/D767a £5
Sennheiser e845 £5
Shure SM57 £5
Shure SM58 £5
Shure Beta 58a £7
Shure Beta 57a £7
Shure PGA58 £3
Sennheiser e902 £7
Audio-Technica AT871R £5
Se Electronics Se8 £7

Microphones Wireless

Line 6 V75-HHTX £10
Line 6 Lavallier £10
Line 6 Wireless receiver £20

Microphone stands

Samson BL3 light stand £2
Quiklok Straight stand £3
Quiklok Straight stand clutch-grip £5
Proel Low stand £3
H&K Low stand £3

Direct Injection

Radial Pro-D1 full range passive mono £5
Radial Pro-D2 full range passive dual £7
Radial Pro48 Phantom powered £5
Radial JDI Passive mono £7
Radial J48 Active £7
Radial BT-Pro Bluetooth reciever £7

CD source/mixers

Denon DN-510C CD/USB player £15
Pioneer XDJ-700 £30
Pioneer DJM-450 £30
Numark Mixdeck Express CD USB Serrato Traktor mixer £25
Sennheiser HD 25-I Headphones £5


Stage snake 20m 12-6 £10
16A Distro £poa

Mixing desks

Allen & Heath Zed-10 £10
Allen & Heath Zed60-10FX £15
Soundcraft Ui16 remote control desk £30
Soundcraft GB8-24 Analogue mixer £60
Soundcraft Si Expression 1 £60


Behringer Composer Analog Compressor Gate Expander £5
dbx 266xs Compressor Gate £10
Aphex Aural Exciter & Optical Big Bottom £10
dbx 231s 31-band stereo equaliser £5
dbx AFS2 automatic feedback suppression £5
FMR Audio RNC-1773 Stereo compressor £7
FMR Audio PBC-6a Mono vintage effect compressor £15
TC Electronic M-One XL Reverb £15
TC Electronic D-Two Delay £12
Drawmer DS201 Gate £8
Alesis MicroLimiter £10


LightmaXX Stardust 15w flower effect £10
KAM KHM400 Smoke machine £10
LeMaitre Neutron XS Hazer £25
LeMaitre Neutron G150 DMX Haze control £5
Chauvet CorePAR 80 RGB LED £12
Chauvet CorePAR UV £12
ADJ Inno Pocket Fusion £15
Generic Mini-profile LED moving head £5
Martin Mania DC1 Water Effect £10
Martin Mania DC2 Flame Effect £10
Martin Mania EFX500 £15
ADJ SabreSpot RGBW Pinspot £6
Equinox Interceptor £5
Chauvet Obey40 Pre-programmed micro-lighting desk £5
Avolites Pearl Tiger (wing available) £80
Avolites Titan Mobile c/w PC & screen £80
Avolites Titan One c/w Laptop £50
30cm Mirrorball £3
Mirrorball rotator £3
Polemount Mirrorball mount £3


Chauvet CH-02 12' Foot Lighting Tripod Light Stand £5
Kuzar K-i Lift 4m £30
Kuzar K-i Truss adapter £5
Kuzar K-i T-Bar £5
2m Triangular 50mm Truss £20
1m Triangular 50mm Truss £10
Triangular 50mm Truss Baseplates £25
Triangular 50mm Truss Top plate £10

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